Young Lovers

Joe and Dan return with a fish so big, well, never mind! Any celebrations were put on hold, however, as Marie and her girlfriend Betsy were having a pretty heated discussion. It seems that Joe and Marie’s daughter has been seen in a parked car in a place where you only park if you’re hormones are spinning out of control. Betsy says this is only natural while Marie says, "It’s unnatural, inhuman and disgusting." Now at this Joe laughs himself right down to the floor and on the way back up again he says, "Marie, you could write the book on young lovers adventures in Algoma! Don’t you remember?"

Coke Oven Joe and Sue Ste. Marie

Married and divorced by the count of three

Back together by the count of four

So they could Coke Oven Joe and Marie some more

Gonna go back to a beautiful day

Gonna take my baby out to Batchawana Bay

Playin’ in the rocks, playin’ in the sand

Gonna get together like a woman and a man


Look at those young lovers on the run

Like a full moon glowing

Look at the smiles on everyone

Like a cat that’s knowing . . .

Well I see what I see and I know what I know

Gonna take my baby out to Calabogie road

Pull it on over, little lovin’ on the side

Slap in my face put a hole in my pride

Baby what I sing, baby what I say

You ain’t nothin’ ‘till you been to Echo Bay

Pretty Dunn Valley made my baby warm

She give me a kiss like a thunderstorm


Instrumental break

Cruisin’ down the road it’s gettin’ kinda dark

Gonna take my baby out to Hiawatha Park

Take a nice walk on a nature trail

And I’m thinkin’ that I’d like to . . . well . . .

No one is lookin’ so no one’s gonna tell

If I take my baby to the Sault Canal

Submarine races are on tonight

and if we get a good seat we’ll be doin’ fine

Chorus - Instrumental break

All songs Copyright © 1990, All Rights Reserved.