capo 4th fret

Original Ojibway words: Wab-o-jeeg
English translation: John Johnston
Music: Peter White

Intro: Am 

Where are my foes? say, warriors, where? No forest is so black. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]
That it can hide from my quick eye, the vestige of their track: [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
There is no lake so boundless, no path where man may go, [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
Can shield them from my sharp pursuit, or save them from my blow. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]

The winds that whisper in the trees, the clouds that spot the sky. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]
Impart a soft intelligence, to show me where they lie, [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
The very birds that sail the air, and scream as on they go, [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
Give me a clue my course to tread, and lead me to the foe. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]

The sun at dawn, lifts up its head, to guide me on my way, [C, G, F, C]
The moon at night looks softly down, and cheers me with her ray. [C, G, F, C]
The war-crowned stars, those beaming lights, my spirit casts at night, [F, F, C, Am]
Direct me as I thread the maze, and lead me to the fight. [C, G,C, F, Am]

In sacred dreams within my lodge, while resting on the land. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]
Bright omens of success arise, and nerve my warlike hand. [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
Where'er I turn, where'er I go, there is a whispering sound. [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
That tells me I shall crush the foe, and drive him from my ground. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]

The beaming west invites me on, with smiles of vermil hue, [C, G, F, C]
And clouds of promise fill the sky, and deck its heavenly blue, [C, G, F, C]
There is no breeze, there is no sign, in ocean, earth or sky, [F, F, C, Am]
That does not swell my breast with hope, or animate my eye. [C, G,C, F, Am]

If to the stormy beach I go, where heavy tempests play. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]
They tell me but, how warriors brave, should conquer in the fray. [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
All nature fills my heart with fires, that prompt me on to go. [Am, Am, Dm, Am]
To rush with rage, and lifted spear, upon my country's foe. [Am, Dm, E7, Am]

Peter White © 2010, All Rights Reserved.