from the vision described in Kitchi-Gami: Wanderings Round Lake Superior (1860) by Johann Georg Kohl


INTRO: single note A and then [Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 , E7]

In a birchbark lodge in the wintertime [Am, F]
a little boy quietly cried [C, E7 ]
He was hungry, sleepless, he was all alone, [Am, F ]
when the wind blew the door aside [C, E7 ]
Then a voice called, "Oh poor Shingwaukonse [Am, F ]
you are wretched, come to me." [C, E7 ]
A path appeared, hovering there [Am, F ]
from his bed to the sky it did lead [C, E7 ]
He climbed that path and found a man [Dm, C ]
"Look to the sun" was his command [Dm, C, E7 ]

Weh-ahh [Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 ]

[Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 , E7]

The boy saw tents and kings and chiefs [Am, F]
and braves and warriors strong [C, E7 ]
In the war council they gathered on the field [Am, F,]
and to be with them he longed [C, E7 ]
The white-robed man said, "Shingwaukonse,[Am, F,]
you are young, persecuted and poor,[C, E7 ]
so I give this picture to your heart [Am, F ]
so that you can always be sure [C, E7 ]
that I will always think of you [Dm, C ]
and one day you will be mighty too" [Dm, C, E7]

Weh-ahh [Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 ]

"Everything must change, you must [F, G ]
understand the game, you must [C, Am ]
keep the little flame burning strong [F, G]
for those you love [C ]
Everything must flow, you must [F, G ]
shape how it will go, and then [C, Am ]
leave behind a fire when you're gone [F, G, Am, F]
for those you love [C, E7]
to keep them warm"[Am, F, C, E7 , E7] 

The man gave Shingwauk a fluttering flag [Am, F,]
and the boy began to walk [C, E7 ]
Down the path all lined with fluttering flags [Am, F ]
he walked in mighty triumph [C, E7 ]
At last he reached his own little bed [Am, F ]
but then a cold wind did blow [C, E7 ]
The boy woke up and everything was gone [Am, F ]
but his heart remained aglow [C, E7 ]
From that day on he loved the sun, [Dm, C ]
and the man who said what he'd become [Dm, C, E7 ]

Weh-ahh [Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 ]
Weh-ahh [Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 ]

[Am, F, C, E7, Am, F, C, E7 ]

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