There’s A Bridge

Joe sits alone in the cabin and things become a little bit clearer for him. It’s strange that when you’re alone everything makes sense and then when you come back together it all splits apart. Right here and now though, the puzzle is coming together.

I seen it comin’ like a rollin’ hill

A mountain standing still

It tore right through me like a shattered dream

A wine skin bursting its seems


There’s a bridge where we used to meet

where it’s wide and it’s deep - - it is broken

Maybe we could rise up above

where words of love are spoken.

I feel it in my like a heavy rock

An avalanche that won’t stop

I heard the warnings but I didn’t run

Now look what I’ve become



I never knew how much that you meant to me

If I knew, if I had a clue, I’d never have let the bridge fall away.

When I was younger I could toss it off

but now I’m not that tough

I took some punches and I stood my ground

but now I’m laying down


All songs Copyright © 1990, All Rights Reserved.