Tender Touch

It’s early next morning. Joe and Dan have gone to conquer the lake with their fishing rods while Sue-Marie brings in the day with a fresh cup of coffee at the kitchen table. It’s her favourite time of day with a soft breeze coming in off the lake as the waves whisper good morning as they stumble onto the beach. Nothing seems clearer than at this moment and so what better time to meet Sue-Marie.

Call me Sue, call me Marie

Don’t matter most likely you’ll just do as you please

Seems like forever, I’ve watched it go by

Kiss and I tell but I never lie

I hold them all like a mother to a child

They always leave but then they come back in a while

And I’m still here, don’t think I’ll ever go

but then again you never know


I take it on the cheek, take it on the chin,

take it right down to the bone

I hold my head high until I am alone

I need a little kiss, need lovin’ arms,

I need a tender touch.

It’s all that I ask for I hope I’m not askin’ for too much

So now you’re here, why don’t you come in

Fresh cup of coffee, now tell where’ve you been

Oh I love a story, how it takes me away

Pour me a memory for today.

It’s funny the past comes rosy and warm

‘Specially when you live inside a storm

You nod your head I know you understand

Let’s take this cup in our hands


It’s good to see you, nice of you to drop in

Sure enough we’ll have to do it again

Just take me with you wherever your bound

and I will always be around

You are a good one, a good-hearted soul

Truth isn’t something you’re afraid to know

I must go back now to what it is that I do

Thankful for moments like you.


All songs Copyright © 1990, All Rights Reserved.