Spring Break-up

Back to our little spot on the hill. We look down on the lake and there’s a pair of taillights headin’ down the road. One driver at the wheel. Marie is goin’ into town to do some errands and while she’s there she stops by the shore for awhile to watch the first freighters of the season go by. Marie is frustrated. She sees everything her and Joe ever worked for disappearing.

The ice is breaking up

I like to watch it flow

As the memory of your face

melts with the snow

The sunlight it is cold

down here by the shore

Cutting through every lie

that left me wanting more


Shine on sunshine, come down night

Wrap me in your dark coat and I will be alright

Water wash me over. Wash me ‘till I’m free,

wash me ‘till I’m clean, like I’ve always wanted to be.

Dear loved ones we are gathered

to witness the release

of a love that never was

though it wanted to be

Say do you hear that callin’

lake freighters blow their horns

They want me to know I’m not alone

on this spring break-up morn


The ice has broken up

I can’t say I miss it too much

Been so long inside this winter

that I can’t feel to touch

The flowers there’re not here

but I know they come

It’s the promise of the seasons

that keeps me hangin’ on.


All songs Copyright © 1990, All Rights Reserved.