Same Thing Only Different

And then there’s Lord Danny McDougall. With a fist full of foolishness and his one-of-a-kind, cure-all philosophy. You see Danny believes that no matter what happens in this crazy thing we call life, if you’ll only take what happened today and compare it with what happened yesterday, you’ll agree without a doubt - - it’s the same thing, only different. This philosophy is only good for a laugh and perhaps a swift kick where it will hurt but in the worst of times this is often the best thing.


It’s the same thing only different

It’s the same in every way

From the second you arrive you’re gone away

Like a woman to a man

is like the honey to the bee

It’s the same thing only different naturally

Well I worked for Mr. Magic once

moppin’ floors and pumpin’ gasoline

He said I’ll tell you somethin’ son

You can use my phone, use my knife

but if you touch my tools you’ve touched my wife

I think you know exactly what I mean!


Now Sally was a bingo babe

Could not stop herself even if she tried

They even brought the preacher

and he said, "Let us pray."

She said, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,

hell is just the same as heaven,

one day it’s just BING, GO in the sky!"


Well I love my Jenny Jezebel

She taught me everything I know

I said, "Can we kiss?", she said, "What the hell,

you can use your lips, trade some gum,

either way this kissin’s fun,

either way your gonna get that crazy glow!"


All songs Copyright © 1990, All Rights Reserved.