Just after Blind River you start feeling sleepy until suddenly the centerline doubles in size
and the road starts to wind like crazy as it follows the riverbank. As the road straightens out
I always notice that abandoned house on the right hand side. It's just empty window frames
and bare boards but every time I hear the echo of long gone little feet banging up and down
the stairs, a voice saying, "supper's ready and I'm not calling again!", and a thousand sweet
goodnights and even though it's as crazy as trying to straighten out that road I want to get
some paint and some glass and Rosie, you and I would come back here and never leave.
It's not too late! You could be anything, you're my girl.

She used to shoot for the stars
She wanted to see the face of God
Now she takes what she can get
And doesn't even think that's odd
or that anything's changed

She drove a Gremlin in '81
Now she's got that Cutlass Olds
Used to drive around for fun
Now she goes just where she's told
it's all arranged


Oh - you could be anything
Oh - you're my girl
No one said it would be easy
No one said it would be hard
No one ever said much of anything
They just stumbled in the dark
like it was normal

Now and then she sees a spark
Then it all comes down like rain
Starts with hundred dollar bills
Then turns to loose change
she loves a storm


Once upon a time
She used to love to dream
Now she's just the same
She just doesn't put the cream, in her coffee

Once upon a time
In a land far away
She used to drive a Gremlin
Cruisin' down the highway, lookin' for God


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