I woke up on one of those bright winter mornings to the sound of the phone
ringing, "Rosie and Jimmy, they're gone!" Every weekend the ritual started
as Friday night turned into Saturday morning. Rosie and Jimmy talking big
about clearing out of this town..L.A.!, New York! Montreal! B.C.! Everybody
knew they'd never leave. Nobody ever leaves here, and even the ones that
do, one by one they all come back. At least that's what the lady at the coffee
shop said. But they didn't come back...and she was gone...she was gone.
So I put on my blank face and my "who cares" walk and carried on, business
as usual.

Walking down snow covered streets
Calling out your name
My breath hangs in the frozen air
then disappears again
People stop, stare, then turn away
Why did she leave, why didn't she stay

Standing in the silence of a winter night
Listening for your voice
Smelling your perfume, my eyes go moist
I touch the snow, see the stars
I turn away
Why did she leave, why didn't she stay

I see you in the stars, I see you in the moon
I see you when I close my eyes and hide in my roomYou're so long gone, you're so far away
Why did you leave, why didn't you stay

The morning comes and I haven't slept
The sun sparkles on the snow
The coffee shops are busy, people with places to go
and I ask each one, just to see what they'll say
Why did she leave, why didn't she stay

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.