That's what I'm gonna say to my girl. Me and little Rosie Cachini,
the greatest love that never was, up in that northern Ontario town
they call Sault Ste. Marie. What could have been, what would have
been, what should have been and never was. I'd been living and
working in Toronto for years when a Sault buddy told me that the
famous Rosie was back in town. I sat perfectly still for one minute,
then I got in my car and started to drive.

Takin' the night ride from Toronto
Just me and the Trans Canada highway
Told my friends, "I'm goin' north for the weekend"
They say "oh, you goin' up to Barrie...Orillia..
I say "no I'm goin' all the way,
goin' up to Sault Ste. Marie...goin' home"
They say, "Sault Ste. Marie, isn't that
where they uh..."
"Yeah whatever...I'm goin' home...gonna call my Rosie"
"You drivin' 500 miles just to call some girl!
Who is this Rosie?"
"Aw nothin' you'd understand...
I just know you don't get too many second chances
and I'm not missin' mine.
Just me and the Trans Canada highway...
late night radio...

Heard a song by Elvis Presley
Heard them mention Gorbachev
Doin' the night ride from Toronto
Runnin' on an unlimited supply of love

Forty years in the desert
Too many years behind the wall
500 miles down the highway
Just to make a phone call

I have a vision
Vision of a hard road
We all gotta go a long way
But I see a rainbow
and barrels of gold
and babe I can see them today...hey...hey

Cruisin' past the Manitoulin turnoff
look at that rock cut with the spray painted tattoo
"Rosie and Jimmy" ooh if that rock could talk
what a story it would tell

When all those love songs seem so real
You know you're in for one rough ride
But sometimes you do just what you feel
Do what you know you know is right

and I have a vision...

I tell myself you better get some help

Turn this car round and go back
But then I realize I'm in way too deep for that

I have a vision...

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.