Oh Jimmy why did you do it? What is it that makes you burn the people that
love you. I was always in your back pocket each time you went too far. I
pulled you off the tracks when the train came by; I pulled you from the water
when the big waves rolled in; I took the driver's wheel when you couldn't see
the road; I took the pain when you took her love and you...you just ran away.

Running down the streets and it's past midnight
Coming down to earth again
Stunning and just foolish at the same time
Young and so he's taking no blame


Oh, you run your road
Jimmy, where are you gonna go
Take out your money but you never pay
You just run away

Spent his last few bucks on smokes and matches
Sent a note to Mom and Dad
Can't believe he's headed down the highway
Bent on bein' boy gone bad


From the north end of the steel towns
to the south end of the world
All the young boys throw themselves
on the rocks just to be heard
Believing their invincible,
they act as though they were
All those boys, all those rocks
all those broken hearts that burn


Now he is out there in the distance
How will he ever return
Prodigal son just like the others
Oh we just never learn

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.