Cruising up highway 69 with just the headlights on the pavement, the stars in
the night sky and way too much time to think. Slowly it all starts to come
back...m-m-m take me back down the years and I hear the screen door slam
next door and Rosie's very religious mother calling, "Where you going
Rosalee?" "I'm going to find God!" she yelled, "I heard He's feedin'
everybody with one pizza down at Aurora's." "Oh and who's gonna be there
with you and God..." but it was too late, there was nothing left but the purple
cloud from Rosie's Gremlin and the sound of her muffler dragging underneath
the car...

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie was an only child
Everybody said the first word out of her mouth was "wild"
Trouble called her up just like a friend
said "girl I'll pick you up, quarter to ten"

She don't wanna be a bad girl Rosie
She just needs to be understood
She don't wanna be bad
She just wanna be good
She don't wanna be a bad girl Rosie
She'd do the right thing if she could
She don't wanna be bad
She just wanna be good

Rosie, Rosie, pushed her luck too many times
She's standin' in the courtroom, thinkin' up her best line
She say, "now judge what can you do
when trouble just keeps callin' you"

The judge looked into her eyes,
his face it never changed
Then her stood up and said
"I must proclaim..."


Rosie, Rosie, trouble always on her trail
Just her two sweet eyes to keep her two feet out of jail
All the dark clouds seem to know her name
It's a good thing, she likes the rain...


All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.