As I pull into town that long string of streetlights ticks by like the seconds on a
clock. With a heart pounding with love and a hand full of fear I breathe deep
and dial your number.

Remember when times were good for us
I mean it's good now, but not like back then
We used to tear the roof off
Eat the laughter with our bare hands
and who even knew there was a tomorrow morning
The life we live now
We take it, we eat it
and spice every bite we chew with memory
Nothing tastes as good as memory
No choices, no pain
Just the good stuff...m-m -m good

And if you want you can take my hand
Takin' off to some foreign land
This train is rollin'
Gonna ride that hurricane
I'm feelin' the winds of change
And it's golden


Right now is forever
Right now is the right place and time
Signed sealed and delivered
You could be mine,
you could be mine...

You see it doesn't matter anymore what you don't believe
There's something bigger here than you, or me
There's just one rule on this ship of love
Don't climb aboard unless you like it rough
And if you want you can catch this flight
Later on maybe we'll be alright
I'm not sayin'
You never know where the chips may fall
Never know if you've got it all
When you're waitin'


You could be Queen of all the world
Handin' out the toys to all the boys and girls
And you could be front page for a year
then fall apart, then disappear
And you could be back in your hometown
callin' up old friends, hangin' around
And you could be sorry that I called
Hang up in my ear, and that's not all...

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.