I moved to Toronto and never said a word about all of this to anyone, until
tonight. I quietly worked my job and lived my life. Each day I looked into the
other eyes on the subway car and wondered how many of them had missed
their moment. Like those roman candles you can get on the first of July. A
couple of them go up and do the big show but there's always one that just
goes out with a soft 'ffft' and disappears from the sky.

Johnny come lately, well I suppose
that for people like us that's just the way it goes
Send myself a card, says "get well soon"
put in on a TV in an empty room

Johnny come lately - hoo hoo hoo
Johnny come home and sing some blues
Johnny come lately - ha ha how
Johnny keep it in don't let it out

Johnny come lately, or don't come at all
Spend your life waitin' on one phone call
Wake up one morning it's perfectly clear
She don't even know that Johnny lives here


One more hand me down, one more thorny crown
Suck it in and face another day
People shake my hand, they see the happy man
But they don't know the story, long ago and far away

Johnny come lately, what can I say
I can't make you believe, get on your knees or pray
I can't tell you what I know is true
I can feel but I can't talk as good as you


All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.