Jimmy and Rosie. Word would drift back here and there of crazy adventures
and close calls. Every story got crazier and every call got closer. Jimmy
loved Rosie in his own way, but he couldn't give her what a true lover should.
Jimmy loved the dark side and with every story he got deeper into it. Rosie
finally gave it up and left him. After that Jimmy really nosedived and pretty
soon he owed big things to bad people. There was one last phone call to
Rosie and no one's heard anything since.

Rosie, Rosie they've come to get me
They say son you gonna get your share
I say boys where are we goin'
They say you'll know when you get there


I've fallen, I know
I just let go
It's hard to hang on
When the love that you love is gone

Dark roads, no friendly faces
Rosie, Rosie what have I done
Hey boys what are you sayin'
Ah nothin' that'd help you son


It's so easy
To let go

Centre stage and they want some last words
Before the final curtain call
Hey boys I'm an innocent criminal
Oh that's no good at all


All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.