Yeah well it's funny how things don't turn out the way we plan. It was just a
few days later, the big news going around the neighbourhood was Rosie

Rosie went out one evening
Just as the sun went down
She came upon young Jimmy
She said, "babe let's go downtown"
You never know what we might see
And you know I want you to be there with me


And if you can see it comin'
Up and around the bend
You'll get in minute of my love
Maybe five or ten
If you can see it goin'
Disappear down the drain
Give me another kiss
We'll get it back again

They went on down to Queen St.
And cruised the night away
They went down to the locks
and watched the boats sailing away
She said, "nothin' ever happens here
won't you take my hand and babe let's disappear"


Every rock cut on this highway
Tells me it is true
"Rosie still loves Jimmy" from Toronto to the Sault
I hold the wheel with one hand
and wipe away the tears
Because the mouth cannot explain
what the heart has know for years

They tore up down the highway
Two kids too much the same
And I watched it in slow motion
Again and over again
And though she's up there out of reach
As I'm drivin' down this road she's callin' me...
teasin' me

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.