But as long as we were all together I was too busy laughing to cry tears.
Good times...chasing trouble right up to the edge and then running away as
fast as we could, laughing like fools, then doing it all over again.

Good times, runnin' together
Good times, who would ever believe it would end
and we would always be true
like sisters and brothers
Good times, feels like forever
Good times, and we would never forsake a friend
'cause we would always be true
one to another - oh oh oh

Does anybody here recall
Ricky the wrecking ball
He'd walk into the room, sing so out of tune
It'd make your skin crawl
He'd walk up to the prettiest girlpant like a dog and drool
Say something obscene, then scream like a fool
oh oh oh


Does anyone remember the night
Jimmy got a flashlight
Stood in front of Julie June and he gave her the moon
what a sight
But Julie was as quick as a cat
Julie had a baseball bat
Jimmy beggin' please and Julie she screams, "take that!
you low down sewer rat!"


Some people say you can't go back
I'm not so sure of that
Some people say it's not right
get a life
But any time of day - I just drift away


All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.