And all we want to do is catch that moment when it rolls by...and I'm rolling
down the windows, breathing in that freezing night air to keep awake. And
who cares what they say Rosie...what they think we deserve...all we want is
one moment to shine...does that seem so strange?

We are frying just a little, just about to explode
We are carrying around a heavy load
We are talking to our teacher just to see what he knows
We are taking chances on a dead end road


Does that seem so strange?
If I could only explain
Just help me lift these chains
Get me on my feet again

We had placed our bet on a two for one
We have felt the danger of a loaded gun
We have stood around sulking like the lonely one
We have waited for answers to come


And I'm cruisin' down the highwayAnd I watch my dreams go by
They roll right off the pavement
into my eyes
Each one of them gives a name
takes a place in line
Waiting for forever
Now's the time

Do you think that were a little out of our minds
Do you think that we are running out of time
Do you think that are looking for something to find
Don't you think we just want to shine

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.