My name is John. Johnny come lately they said. Everybody needs a
nickname right? And you know, Rosie Cachini was the love of my life. We
were just two kids running with that crazy gang. Standing outside on those
freezing northern Ontario nights, everyone choking back two beers that were
like Dairy Queen slushies after being stashed in a snowbank for six hours.
Once inside the coffee shop the heat warmed the hands and the beers
suddenly kicked in like a flashing neon light. Soon everyone was acting
really stupid, giggling at the waitress and her cross looks and believing no
one had ever done anything like this before. Somehow on one of those
nights we ended up together, just the two of us.

It was out in your backyard
It was a wild winter storm
And I remember your eyes, sweet breath and your smile
You took my hand in your hand
We slipped away in the night
And all the people still ask what became of the boy they knew before then


Oh, tonight I'm afraid of the dark
I dance to the drum of my heart
Rubbing these two sticks together
I pray for a spark

Take me back to that place now
Where even tears are sweet
Let them roll down my face and into the street
I will love you forever
You never knew that at all
You never know what love is 'till you say "I don't need love"


All these miles down this road
Just two lanes and some tears
You never pay what you owe
You just change with the years

This is not supposed to happen
This is not meant to beThis is not in the picture I keep in my mind
My heart has been broken
Your heart too
And tonight we both stare into the sky alone

All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.