My friend Jimmy - he always had to push a good thing too far and with me
watching his back, he usually got away with it. If he's out there right now, you
can bet he's having just a little bit more fun than all the rest of us. He never
knew it, but I was his one true friend.

Did you hear about Jimmy, made his mark
Took off out of town with his car in park
Got lost, shacked up with a Satellite dish
Got more than he ever thought he should wish

He caught himself happy so he ran away
Funny some people love their misery
Children everywhere, calling his name
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, shame shame shame


Hey Jimmy, hello, from one true friend
Hey Jimmy, you said you'd be back, you didn't say when
Hey Jimmy, hello, from one true friend
Hey Jimmy, I never thought I'd never see you again

Pullin' in for gas somewhere down the line
Jimmy gets directions from a friend of mine
He's headed out to where the grass burns to dust
'Cause the boy's got to do what he must

You see, one time Jimmy went a little too far
Now the closest he gets is a postcard
I wish it was different, I wish you were here
With that stupid laugh and two cold beers


Things to do, places to go
If you haven't touched it, you don't knowTrouble in mind, trouble in hand
Trouble is part of the plan for Jimmy...

So if you see a blue Nova from '78
No gas cap just a dirty old rag
Then say hello 'cause I miss my friend
I never thought I'd never see him again


All songs Copyright © 1995, All Rights Reserved.