Right Now Is Forever - Acoustic  1995

  Intro Song Lyrics
Hey Jimmy 
Afraid of the Dark
If You Could See It Comin'
Good Times
Why Did You Leave
I've Fallen
Johnny Come Lately
You Could Be Anything (You're My Girl)
Does That Seem So Strange
Right Now Is Forever

Johnny, Jimmy and Rosie are the players in this Songstory. The three grew up in together in Sault Ste. Marie where Johnny fell hard for Rosie only to find out that she had taken up with his best friend Jimmy. Johnny made his peace with the situation, never betraying his true feelings to the others, settling instead for the sweet pain of at least being around the two people he loved most. Then suddenly Jimmy and Rosie took off for good like they always bragged they would do and no one believed they ever would. It is now years later and Johnny has had plenty of time to chew on the pieces of the story, digest them and forget them as he made his way into the world, joining the small town masses in Toronto. We catch up with him one fateful day when an acquaintance from the Sault casually mentions that "the famous Rosie" is back in the hometown. Dropping everything Johnny gets into his car and starts the all night drive to the Sault, and Rosie . . . rightnowisforeveracousticcover
 To get close to the mood of the night car ride I recorded the music alone in the stairwell of an empty building. In 1995 this recording made its debut. Longtime musical friend and collaborator Andy Ackland worked with a mass of raw material to master the final product. If you check the recording credits on your favorite recent CD you may well see Andy’s name, he is now a freelance producer/engineer in Los Angeles.

All songs written by Peter White © 1995 except "Right Now Is Forever"
by Peter White/Andy Ackland © 1995 All rights reserved.

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