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This songstory was inspired by English professor, poet and playwright James Reaney. I only got to attend one lecture by Mr. Reaney in the fall of 1986 before scheduling conflicts took me elsewhere. A powerful force, Reaney said, "Write something about what you know! Write something about where you are from and then bring it back to the next lecture." Well, there was no next lecture and professor Reaney never knew what his words produced. It isn’t likely that he will ever hear this creation (if he is still with us), but if he does maybe he will accept it as a late, very late, assignment.
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The story begins with an invitation to join the narrator who sits at an evening campfire on a hill overlooking Birch Bark lake. On the shore is the camp of Joe and Marie who have arrived for the May long weekend to open up for the season. (For the record, there are no "cottages" in northern Ontario, only "camps".)  Over twelve songs the narrator entertains us with both familiar adventures and a looming crisis that has sparked a new fire between and within Joe and Marie.

There is another angle to the songstory. At the time it was written in the latter 1980s the industrial base of Sault Ste. Marie’s economy, Algoma Steel, was on the ropes and looking like it may close (Sue’s serious illness). In this light you might say that Joe is the spirit of the town and Sue is its soul. Each in their own way celebrates what they are even as they struggle to get through to the next day. Sometimes that’s the best you can do. Welcome to the north woods.

Recorded live at the former Jolly Friar Brewpub by CBC Northern Ontario.

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