Canadian Boy

The last notes of the jig echo across the lake as Joe and Danny exchange insults and farewells. Still full of himself and the night air Joe climbs onto the nearest rock and proceeds to let the lake know that he’s back.

My grandaddy died in the sand at Dieppe

A sacrifice for the cause

My grandmother she don’t understand it yet,

what she won when she lost

And my daddy grew up just like a wild card

Always one step outside of the game

He played hard, he won hard and he lost just like a child

He knew love and he knew pain.


I am a young Canadian boy, I am a Canadian man

I’m running with the life of my father’s father’s blood

pounding in the veins of my hands - - it’s in my hands.

Now I have arrived here to wind out my song

a shaman to heal one and all

A stumbling forgetter of what’s right and wrong

I will rise and I will fall

I’ll hold this world shining in my hands

I’ll smash it broke upon the floor

I’ll play hard, I’ll win hard and I’ll lose just like the men

who’ve won and lost before.


Oh yes I grew up beneath the coke oven flame

the son of a great lakes steeltown

The Canadian Shield surrounds me with its name

rolling up, rolling down

And I’m crawling through the waves of lake Superior

and I’m howling at the great northern sky.

I laugh hard, I cry soft, take pain without a word

as I live and as I die.


All songs Copyright © 1990, All Rights Reserved.