You're the One


Got words, got a song to be sung

Not much, gotta walk ‘fore you run

It’s for you, it’s for you

It’s for you I tell you more than it’s for anyone

It’s true, it’s true, you’re the one

Heard the birds sing, heard the telephone ring,

heard you saying, "love you."

Told you, "Me too." Told you that I feel blue.

Asked you, "What’s new?" You just said . . .


I’ve seen you smiling, seen you when you’re hiding

Seen you weeping, so sad

Brought you flowers, climbed into your towers,

stayed for hours, wrote it down


Feel like sunshine, feel like it’s a good sign

Can’t help but rhyme all day

Makes me happy, knowing you’re within me

We are something, I declare . . .


All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.