One Fine Morning

One fine morning, you’re gonna see it my way

When the spell that you’re under is broken and

silently drifting away

I gave you birds that sing, I gave you everything,

more than anyone ever gave

And one fine morning, you’re gonna see it my way

One dark evening, you’ll be alone and terrified

You will hear the wolves howling you’ll cry out my name

and want me at your side

I gave you rings of gold, I gave you arms to hold,

more than anyone needs to be satisfied

and one dark evening, you’ll see the truth that you hide

I was good to you, I came through for you,

you needed me and I was there

What good is that now, won’t you show me how,

all of my love wasn’t quite enough for you to care

One fine day, we will both see what we’ve done

When the pain of the past is forgotten

and forgiveness comes

You touched the heart of me,

you made my life complete

and one fine day, this is the tune we will hum.

All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.