Love Me Tonight

Hey, hey, hey, baby did you call my name

Oh, no, no, I do believe I heard it again

I look into your twinklin’ eyes like I do everyday

and hey, hey, hey, everything just gets changed


Love me tonight, love me today

Love me tonight, take this love and make it stay

Hey, hey, hey, baby don’t you treat me cold

Oh, no, no, I do believe I’d lose control

Love your baby like yourself now

this is what I’m told

And hey, hey, hey, I treat myself just like gold


I feel like Adam with an apple in his hand

I can’t resist you anymore

You call me Samson, you’ve got scissors in your hand,

I should be runnin’ for the door


Hey, hey, hey, baby you’re lookin’ fine

Oh, no, no, so good it must be a crime

And if you get arrested baby,

I will pay your fine

and hey, hey, hey, baby don’t you think it’s time to ...


All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.