Coke Oven Jig and Reel


Well you do the Coke Oven Jig and Reel

with a head that’s covered and a heart of steel

Swing your partner round and around

Hey everybody it’s a steelman’s town

Have you ever been to Sault Ste. Marie?

Well if you’re comin’ through you better talk to me

Sit at my table and I’ll fill your plate

and I’ll tell you brother just what it takes


The summer is short but I don’t give a damn

Just give me a canoe and a frying pan

Get me out of this town and into the woods

Breathe some real air and do me some good


The autumn she comes with a colourful shine

And I’m off to the woods with a gun this time

I hunt deer in the woods, beer at the camp

I laugh and I cry and I stomp and I stamp and I


The winter is fine with a snowmobile

and an ice fishin’ hole and a rod and reel

Little brown jug keeps the cold away

and I got my buddies so it’s worth the pay


The spring makes a city smell like life

Makes you feel good, two kids and a wife

Makes you kinda lonely if you’re not that way

But we all come together everyday


All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.