Why Couldn't He Get Love

He went down to the corner store

Said, "I can’t make do with jelly beans

I want more, more, more.

Can’t make do with chips or pop or chocolate bars

Why don’t you give me some love, is that so bizarre?"


Why couldn’t he get love? Sweet sunshine

Why couldn’t he get love? Peace of mind,

hear what I say now

Love - all the time

Love - feels so fine

He went down to a local joint

Said, "Baby, baby, baby come over here."

She says, "What’s the point?

We’ll get together, we’ll split apart,

it’s all the same.

Why don’t you flush yourself

right down the drain."


Why couldn’t he get love? Smile in the morning light

Why couldn’t he get love? Someone to say it’s alright


He travels around this crazy world

He sees men and women, boys and girls

Looking for some perfect love,

somehow, someway.

All he wants is someone who will stay . . .


All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.