Sweet Thing

Oh sister sunshine she is riding tonight

Moonbeams in her shadows, she’s a beautiful sight

She got me crawlin’, barkin’ at the moon

Make me want to sell everything I own and leave real soon

I will follow her direction

I will make that sweet connection

‘cause she’s my, Sweet Thing.

Oh sister sweetness how do you look that way?

When you take me in your eyes and then you make your getaway

I chase you through mountains and rivers of desire

Come closer baby, I am on fire

You look just like a princess

I love you like a queen

Oh yeah, you’re my Sweet Thing.

On the road today

I met a desparate man

He threw his love away

He said, "Brother do you understand?"

I said, "Sorry, I don’t think I can,

‘cause I love my, Sweet Thing."

Oh sister sly she is taunting me still

Smile so politely then she move in for the kill

I’m standing outside it’s starting to pour

Someone is knockin’ sister, open the door

Honey let me in

you know both of us are gonna win

Oh yeah, you’re my Sweet Thing.

All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.