Sudden Inspiration

There’s that sudden inspiration

to pick up this piece of wood

and play the song from deep inside

and somehow I know I should

It may be something sweet and low

or powerful and moving

But whatever it is, it’s always worth the time

just to do a little strumming

Maybe it’s the blood of life itself

expressed in a different way

so all may hear and understand

and need not turn away

Welcome to the language that

doesn’t need words

Far beyond the mind’s cold groping

Where the mysteries of the universe

are heard and there’s a reason for hoping

The notes can come down like a waterfall

and carry you away far beyond the call

of the friends and the neighbours and the boss’s callin’

to the cool, sweet peace of the Maker’s garden.

The notes may sing a sad melody

that all would recognize

Not knowing why but fighting back the tears

slowly filling our eyes

Or it may be a solid marching song

that stirs us up inside

As your eyes light up you feel like shoutin’, "C’mon!

Let’s run, let’s move, let’s ride."

It may be a majestic symphony

somehow from one guitar

Proclaiming the world that we don’t see

that surrounds us where we are

There’s that sudden inspiration

to open my heart’s lid

To play the song from deep inside

and once again I’m glad I did

All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.