All Night Long               

What is it baby, what did I say?

What have I done that you feel this way?

What is it darlin’, what did I do?

How is it I can make it up to you?


All night long babe we play this game

One or the other of us feelin’ shame

One or the other of us callin’ names

Oh, love is such a funny, funny game

What is it baby, you have done to me?

Shot down again and here I bleed

You’re sorry for me, I’m sorry too

You say, "How can I make it up to you?"


Funny how love steals you away,

does it rob you blind or do you give it away?

Funny how love slams like a door

And still you come knockin’ for more

One day we are weak, one day we are strong

We are young now but soon we’ll be gone

Smile for me baby, I’ll smile for you

Let’s make some love before the night is through

All songs Copyright © 1991, All Rights Reserved.