Honey in the morning

Honey in the afternoon

Honey in the evening

Fill up my spoon


With some honey . . .

What makes you taste so good?

What makes you taste so good?

Some people like their sugar

Some like the cocoa bean

Some only like the bitter taste

That leaves them feeling mean

I like something pure

I like something sweet

I like to be satisfied

From my head to my feet



One time for your brother

Two times for another

Three is three, four to go

Where it stops, I don’t know

Left, right, through the middle

Let out string, solve the riddle

Don’t be early, don’t be late

Just grab your partner and resonate

Some people have no flavour

Some have too much spice

Some people look right through you

When they know you’re thinkin’ twice

I go far above,

I go far below

I go deep into a place

That nobody knows to get some . . .

Peter White © 2002, All Rights Reserved.