True Lovers

You always want what you don’t deserve
You never did, now you’re gonna learn
That bad taste in your mouth is your desire
I loved you then, I love you now,
I love the way you bring me down,
I’d pay money just to watch you breathin’ fire


And baby I could never say it right
but baby I love you

My friends told me, "You’re gonna burn"
But you know I like to keep warm
There’s no shame bein’ human is there?
Oh, I’d give you one good cliché
but they’re all used up, ain’t that the way
Oh watch out you true lovers everywhere


And baby I’m committing compromise
‘cause baby I love you


You say we’re separated
Tell me who told you such a lie
I know that we’re related
Under the skin and in your deep blue eyes

So now tell me how you’ve changed
I’d love to hear that one again
I just love the way you put me to sleep
You can keep me in your cave
You can take me to my grave
You’re the kind that my kind likes to meet


And baby I’m a willing sacrifice
‘cause baby I love you

Peter White © 1992, All Rights Reserved.