Right Now Is Forever 2006

  Intro Songs Lyrics
Hey Jimmy     
Afraid of the Dark     
If You Could See It Comin'     
Good Times     lyrics    
Why Did She Leave     
I've Fallen     
Johnny Come Lately     
You Could Be Anything (You're My Girl)     
Does That Seem So Strange?     
Right Now Is Forever     

In February 2001 the song-story Right Now Is Forever arrived at a new level. The intimate acoustic/vocal performance of 1995 was transformed into a band of thirteen including a horn section and string quartet and the musical presentation was augmented by a slide show that reflected the archetypal depths suggested by each song’s themes as it overlayed photographs of the highway scenery between Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie with artistic images from all over the world and from ancient to recent times. These images were further nuanced with quotes from writers such as C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell and Frederich Nietzsche to create a unique experience for the two hundred individuals who braved driving through the northern Ontario winter to attend the two performances staged at the Art Gallery of Algoma. A few of the slides from those shows appear at the bottom of this page.

Recording began that summer with the string quartet, then known as Kammermusik and more recently as The Goulais River Rats. The project was interrupted for a period of time so I could complete recording for The Fates (see the cd icons below). And then the tracking, mixing and mastering continued - - for five years. What can I say? It was a big project and I could see no benefit in rushing any part of the process. One of the advantages to remaining obscure is that there is no manager, record company or general fear of career-ending failure to interfere with the creativity. It is my hope, meanwhile, that every moment of energy put into this recording of Right Now Is Forever is reflected in a great listening experience for you.

Like the 1995 acoustic/vocal recording of the song-story, Right Now Is Forever 2006 was mastered by former Saultite and friend Andy Ackland, who now works as a recording engineer/producer in Los Angeles. Andy has worked on projects by the likes of The Eagles, Eric Clapton and, most recently, recording the vocals for the new Meatloaf album, Bat Out Of Hell III. While it is a privilege to have a craftsman as talented as Andy master these tracks, it is even better to hook up with an old friend who collaborated in turning out our versions of Pink Floyd and Lynrd Skynrd in Steve Sicoly’s basement in 1980 to talk once again about music, our kids and life.


Peter White - vocals, guitar
Malcolm White - guitar
Rony DalCin - keyboards
Marc Dubreuil - drums
Martin Virta - bass
Mike Cote - congas
Ron Belsito - saxophone
Pete Goehring -trombone
Steve Ryan - trumpet



Chris Jaskelainen - violin
Sheldon Jaskelainen - violin Vincent Feletti - viola
Nathanael Cole - cello

Engineered by Peter and Joshua White
Produced and mastered by Peter White

All songs written by Peter White © 1995 All rights reserved
except "Right Now Is Forever", Peter White and Andy Ackland © 1995 All rights reserved.
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Coke Oven Joe and
Sue Ste. Marie


Back Roads


Right Now Is Forever


The Fates


Guitar Solos


Right Now Is Forever 2006


Logical Negativity



Voices from the Gathering Place
 Sault Ste. Marie:


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