Logical Negativity 2007

The Blues Is A Lady (I'm Her Man) lyrics      
You're So Real lyrics       
Someday  lyrics       
Front Door Man lyrics       
If You Were Mine  lyrics       
She Is Gone  lyrics       
Love Makes Me So Strange lyrics       
One More Kiss  lyrics       
Take My Hand  lyrics       
Tell You What I Need  lyrics       
Where Does Love Come From  lyrics       
 You Turn My Motor On lyrics       

Logical Negativity
came together very differently than the other 2006 project Right Now Is Forever 2006 which took five years to complete and involved twelve musicians in addition to myself. Logical Negativity took less than six months from start to finish and all the instruments, voices, drum programming, mixing and mastering was done by yours truly. Once I got going I was a bit like a dog let loose in the back yard after the endless painstaking work on Right Now Is Forever 2006. The one collaborator I had on this project for engineering and a host of intelligent insights and ideas was my thirteen year old son Josh who, to my continued wonderment, fear and joy, has also been bitten by the music bug.

The title of this project is not a phrase common to everyday speech. Logical what-a-be? Logical negativity is a phrase drawn from the work of the Jungian writer and analyst Wolfgang Giegerich. For a full explanation of the concept there is no substitute for his 1998 groundbreaking book The Soul’s Logical Life. To make do with a single quote we could say that logical negativity is that "in which we, as empirical personalities with our psychologies live as in the invisible element or medium of our existence." (p. 122, The Soul's Logical Life) In a word, logical negativity is soul. More to the point, logical negativity is soul once it has been sublated, which is to say, the creative image once it has been raised to the level of conscious thought. But if logical negativity or soul is the "invisible element or medium of our existence", how can we talk about it at all? Is this some trick of circular logic? Not at all. According to Giegerich’s theory, logical negativity is what is displayed in works of art. Art is the soul talking about itself or, perhaps better, the soul thinking itself.

Works of the creating imagination are the soul’s display of itself in the form of images; the mental pictures, feelings, impressions, and states of mind produced in this case by music and words. Looking through eyes seasoned with Giegerich’s ideas we could say that nothing less than the whole spirit of our age is expressed in each one of these songs, elucidating that "invisible element or medium" during brief submersions of three to five minutes. This is not an ego claim. The songs on this recording are not the greatest music ever made, nor are they the worst. To describe the music as we are here doing is simply the admission that all works of the creating imagination are by definition that invisible "something" that lives us all; the soul, logical negativity.

Why all this heavy thought for a bunch of pop songs? I have never been able to accept that music, even pop songs, were just "fluff", a bit of ear candy to sweeten the bitterness of routine daily drudgery. On the other hand, I could never accept that pop songs were all about me, as if "I" were that important in the larger scheme of things. This led to the riddle, "What is all this creativity about?" Some people do not want to know what songs are about. I want to know. I have an insatiable appetite for it. Jungian psychology has taught me that nothing is just what appears to be but that everything carries its hidden inner contradiction. Furthermore, that works of the creative imagination are the display of that inner secret, "hidden" out in the open for all to see.

So here they are. Twelve songs for this age as for no other; the thoughts lurking about in the back of the collective mind laid bare for all to see. Logical negativity. 

Coke Oven Joe and
Sue Ste. Marie


Back Roads


Right Now Is Forever


The Fates


Guitar Solos


Right Now Is Forever 2006


Logical Negativity



Voices from the Gathering Place
 Sault Ste. Marie:


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