You Turn My Motor On
What in the world has come over me
I’m lost, I’m lost at sea
What in the world has crawled into me
I’m standing on my knees


You turn my motor on - oh yeah
You turn my motor on - alright

Oh baby, baby, baby what have you done to me
You’ve turned my outside in
I don’t even know just where I am right now
and I can’t say where I’ve been



I’m full of gas, I’m full of steam
need my baby, need some music
need to fly away and not come back at all
Have you ever seen a bird inside a cage
sing about freedom?
Well it’s morning and all night I’ve heard that call . . .
heard that call

Oh lord above me won’t you help me now
I’m out of control
I think I know which road I’m drivin’ on
but I don’t know where it goes


Peter White © 2006, All Rights Reserved.