Tell You What I Need

Tell you what I need, just-a one-a, ow
Make it two or three, baby can you get enough of me
You are what I need, let me say-a, ow
Let me take the lead, let me be the fool I love to be

Have you seen the sun come up
Have you seen my buttercup
She is kinda like, morning light
She is kind of like a lightning strike


Have you heard the thunder roll
Have you heard my baby, oh
She is kinda like a thunderclap
She is honestly just like that



And late at night when I walk the empty streets
I look up to the sky and hear the stars sing along
I love her, I love her, she is sugar to the sweet
Oh you may think I’m here but I’m gone, long gone . . .

Have you been to the moon
Have you seen my baby boom
She is kinda like a shooting star
She is certified nuclear


Peter White © 2006, All Rights Reserved.