Someday love is gonna come
I’ll be watching by that window
with my suitcase and a comb
Someday love is gonna take us away

Sometimes I don’t think I give a damn
then I’m falling into pieces
when I see your empty7 hands
Sometimes love wears a thin disguise


Someday we will have a home
I can feel it in your whisper,
feel it in my bones
Someday, feels like it’s soon
We will paint the dark side of the moon

Someday they’ll find a cure for hate
You can take these words for granted,
take it to the bank
Somewhere every little thing is alright
Someday we will understand
laughing just like children
as they’re playin’ in the sand
Someday we will see face to face


Someday you and I will talk
Turnin’ up the laughter as we’re
turnin’ back the clock
Someday we will be young again
Someday we’ll be dancing close
Moving in the mystery
that every lover knows
Someday love is gonna take us away


Peter White © 2006
, All Rights Reserved.