She Is Gone

She squandered her libido
in a bar in Sausalito
and I have not laid eyes on her
since I walked out the door
She did not follow orders
She slipped across the border
and no one even mentions
her name anymore

She is gone, it's as if she never had existed
Gone, and I for one could not resist her
Gone, you would know if you had kissed her

Tell me about the ending
That terrible beginning
Tell me how she held each secret
hidden in her hands
Talk about the words she spoke
to those who understand

Round and round we go again
Turn and turn and never end
Gentle like a hurricane she blows . . .

I know she's out there somewhere
There's a lot of California
She may have found another
I only know that I don't know
But I know we'll meet again
and I know I won't pretend
that I was not her lover in the highest of the low


Peter White © 2006, All Rights Reserved.