If You Were Mine

I called you on my cellular, phone
I tried to catch your plane
I thought of lunch but I just couldn’t
take that much pain
It’s time to pay your debts now,
lights out this is a raid
Don’t be phoney with all the love
you owe me babe


If you were mine
You’d walk the line
You’d pay the price
You’d sacrifice

I have stood on your doorstep,
rode in the trunk of your car
How could we know that
one little kiss could go so far
Here I am in your face now
I want to know the score
Am I winning, losing
or beginning to bore ya?



Hey! What’s that?
Is that you that’s talkin’ to me?
Hey! Get back!
Get down on your knees,
start beggin’ me please . . .

I’ll see you in the funnies
I’ll see you when we are dead
and all the angels ask you ‘bout
these things that you’ve said
But let’s not give up the ghost now
Let’s get some CPR
Oh paramedics of love you’ve
got to get this heart to start.

Peter White © 2006 , All Rights Reserved.