How [G] do you tell the story of a [C] man who’s like a [G] ghost
A [G] man with many vices and [C] discoveries to [G] boast
The [G] first explorer [D] who saw all the [C] Great Lakes were [Em] assured
He spoke [G] French and he spoke Huron but he [D] never wrote a [G] word

To [G] find him we will have to look to [C] those who used a [G] pen
They [G] mention him in passing, some don’t [C] even use his [G] name
He’s [G] like a fire [D] burning, then like [C] smoke that drifts [Em] away
It’s [G] hard to find the footprints of that [D] Etienne Brūlé [G]

Come with [G] me, mes amis, for I [C] aim to pull you [G] in
We're [Em] going in the [G] woods to find the [D] trail of [G] Etienne
[G] Round and around and [C] around we'll go [G] again
[Em] Grabbing bits of [G] smoke that lead us [D] close to Etienne[G]

In the [G] French town Champigny the boy named [C] EtienneBrūlé [G]
was [G] born to come of age and later [C] on to sail away [G]
In [G] sixteen hundred [D] eight with [C] Samuel de [Em] Champlain
[G] across the ocean to a land which [D] France had come to [G] claim

He [G] helped to found the village that we’ve [C] come to call [G] Quebec
The [G] first to shoot the rapids at [C] Lachine and don’t [G] forget
he [G] lived among the [D] Huron and in [C] 1622 [Em]
he [G] was the first explorer to [D] ever see the [G] Sault

C'est [G] voila, coureurs de bois, he's a [C] French [G] Canadienne
the [Em] first white man to [G] reach Superior [D] was Etienne[G]
Come [G] along, come along, come [C] accuse or else [G] defend
we're [Em] tracking down the [G] truth about [D] that man named [G] Etienne

Ohhhhhh, [C,G,Am,G,D,G,D D,C,G,Am,Em,D,G ]
Ohhhhhh [C,G,Am,G,D,G,D D,C,G,Am,Em,D,G ]

[G] Lost and starving étienne, he [C] found some [G] Senecas
They [G] fed him, then began to pull the [C] beard out from his [G] jaw
For [G] they did not [D] believe him when he [C] said he was their [Em] friend
They [G] burned him and tore out his nails, then [D] burned him once [G] again

When [G] one reached out to take the Agnus [C] Dei away from [G] him
He [G] shouted out that God would kill them [C] all for that [G] sin
Just [G] then the sunny [D] day became a [C] storm that filled the [Em] sky
With [G] that they set him free and begged him [D] not to make them [G] die

He's a [G] hero, he's a traitor, he's your [C] enemy's best [G] friend
come [Em] tell me one more [G] tale about that [D] woodsman [G] Etienne
He was [G] crazy for the ladies, and not [C] much of a [G] Christian
and he [Em] didn't care if you [G] called him saint or [D] sinner Etienne[G]

Ohhhhhh, [C,G,Am,G,D,G,D D,C,G,Am,Em,D,G ]
Ohhhhhh [C,G,Am,G,D,G,D D,C,G,Am,Em,D,G ]

[G] Etiennewas not so popular [C] among the blackcoat [G] priests
they [G] said he'd gone from being a good [C] Catholic to a [G] beast
And [G] even old [D] Champlain he had good [C] cause to hate the [Em] man
for when [G] England took Quebec it was with [D] help from [G] Etienne

[G] Brūlé went back to the bush and the [C] village [G] Toanché
It was [G] there that Etienne met his [C] demise or so they [G] say
The [G] Hurons treated [D] him just like their [C] enemies in [Em] war
They [G] killed him and devoured him so [D] they could gain his [G] power

You [G] believe, you deny, either [C] way you can't [G] pretend
There's [Em] something keeps you [G] chasing on the [D] heels of [G] Etienne
He goes [G] on like a song that you [C] think might never [G] end
‘cause [Em] once you've heard that [G] name you can't get [D] rid of [G] Etienne

So tell [G] me, mes amis, did I [C] really pull you [G] in
We've [Em] gone into the [G] woods to find the [D] trail of [G] Etienne
[G] Round and around and [C] around we've gone [G] again
[Em] Grabbing bits of [G] smoke upon the [D] heels of [G] Etienne
[Em] Finding words they [G] spoke about that [D] mystery [G] Etienne
[Em] Following the [G] ghost that history [D] calls Etienne [G]

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